Bio of Loran Marshall


A rounded singer, song writer and guitar player of country variety and gospel music,

Loran was born on a farm in a poor area on the Iowa and Missouri border. He always dreamed of going to Nashville and being a singer. While working around the farm he was always singing. At 16 sang on the radio in a contest with many other contests to follow. The song: ‘I Always Wanted to Sing” is a true story. Released his first record in the 1980’s, it was well received nationwide. Loran plays and performs in many clubs and private parties in Arizona and California. He can’t read music, but started writing songs in the 1980’s. Loran’s material for his songs come from inspirational ideas.


To date Loran has written and recorded over 30 songs, 5 albums and is working on more. He has a broad presence on the internet, places like MP3, Statue Records, Soundclick, Download, CDBaby,, MySpace Music, You Tube and many others.  


Loran can also be found on countless internet radio stations, most often in Canada on the Lynn Amsterdam show, in Australia on Joyce Ramgatie radio. Also gaining support on regular radio stations in the US and abroad.


Loran likes the music of Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, George Strait and many others.


Contact me:  Please put in the subject line:  "Re: your song",  so I don't delete it automatically.


Phone me at: 602-803-5757


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