Album Cover
Anniversary Album
Loran Marshall
Released: Oct 15, 2006
Track Listing
1 One False Move and You'll be Mine
2 Drinkin' for My Thinkin'
3 I Always Wanted to Sing
4 Life
5 Our First Dance
6 Adam's Rib
7 We Met at a Cabin in Flagstaff
8 You're Everywhere
9 You Can't Walk Alone Anymore
10 Do You Talk About Jesus (recorded live)
11 Free aka Free to be Lonely Again
12 Swingin' and a Swayin'
13 When We Meet That Day
14 Eleven Roses
15 She's Still Waiting
16 It's Just Like You Don't Know Me
17 Farrah's Faucet
18 Love Letters in the Sand
19 Why Me Lord
20 Silver Wings
21 Abilene
22 Speedy's Racing Hot Rod

Liner Notes

A reflection of some of my recordings over the years.