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Fan comment

I am a facebook fan and have been a strong supporter of various independant artists on isound, FB, myspace, etc. for several years...I just wanted to drop a quick line to say that Loran's story is truly inspirational :)  Kudos on the website, and thanks for sharing the music :)  While I am a fan of various types of music, from classical to country to metal, I find that it is the stories behind the artists that make the music something to believe in...Good luck in all future endeavors :)



New song: Don't Be Afraid To Dream

Just released a song writen by Juanita Ford, it is a perfect song for Valantine's Day!

 Loran Marshall

It's Here!

Just posted my latest song that I have co-written, "The Man Behind the Guitar". Hope you all enjoy it! The song depicts a life story of a friend....

Loran Marshall

Coming soon: New song

Hi 'ya all: Very exited about my latest new song that I cowrote, titled "The Man Behind The Guitar". Soon to be released....

Loran Marshall

Happy Easter


would like to wish a Joyous Easter to all of my friends, family and fans in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Thank you for your support!

Loran Marshall

New song added

Just posted my version of the Standard: The Heart Of A Clown.


Please share any comments that you have,



Latest tidbits:

Last week I played in Prescott with my band, will play in Phoenix at the end of January. Also have a weekend job coming up in Wickenburg.

Last year I had several singing bookings.

Now listen to this: Speedy Marshall got a speeding ticket on his motorcycle last weekend...didn't stop me from having a good time though!!!!!

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